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Sales & Inventory - features

Point of sale software designed to track retail and/or wholesale sales, including consignment. The system is a set of databases to be used as a standalone "runtime" or with FileMaker Pro®. Button and mouse-driven - no keyboard commands to learn. You can use either the Macintosh or Windows operating systems.

A POS front end for entering individual daily sales & producing automated Daily Sales Reports for easy closeout. Enter items for sale with an Item Code. Tax and discounts are then calculated and totaled. Take customer orders; automatically generate a list of customer invoices due for easy payment. Consignors are immediately credited. For printing, there is an order, invoice, half sheet, or 3-inch wide strip. All sales can be linked to specific customers, if desired.

Track all inventoried items. With a button click, on-hand quantities are updated with new sales or new deliveries. Print a consignor (vendor) receipt for new items entering the store. View value of inventory on hand at any given point.

Maintain information on all customers, vendors, suppliers, wholesalers, etc. This general Contacts file can be used to make labels, mail merge letters, phone lists, faxes, or postcards.

Specific sales reports can be selected for any period (day, week, month, year) and previewed on screen before printing out. Print a payout sheet for each vendor, for any date range. Specific sales reports include vendor sales summary, sales vs. costs, and summary of merchandise types sold.

A help database is available with detailed instructions for all modules, which you can print out as a hard copy manual.