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Rental is a powerful, inexpensive, and easy to understand system to track the renting or lending of items. 


“Inventory” is a database of all your items.

“People” is a database of all people, organizations, and contact information.

“Transactions” keep track of who has what, and when it is due to go out or be returned.


For Mac and/or Windows, Rental is powered by award-winning FileMaker Pro database software. It can be shared by multiple people at the same time, with desktop, laptop, or iPad. (more ...)


Rental is fully customizable! Change labels, add and delete fields, create new “layouts” … bend it to the way you do business, not the other way around. If you aren’t comfortable making changes, Ram Design, or any FileMaker Pro developer, can be hired.


Here’s the short features list:

- Multi-level pricing.
- Create kits.
- Record categorization.
- Item rental activity information updated as it happens.
- Inventory value and return on investment calculated.

People, Customers
- Simple entry of customer information.
- Find people quickly and begin new sale.
- E-mail and mail list management.
- Customer rental history always available.
- Photos of people.
- Print labels, agreements.

- Customer previous balance due or alerts indicated.
- Type or swipe (barcoded) inventory code, or choose from inventory list, to enter rented items. Search for items of interest by description and click to enter into transaction.
- Optional multi-level pricing entered from inventory, based on days rented.
- Quantity available in inventory shown on transaction.
- Apply discounts to line items or entire transaction.
- Apply sales tax to line items or entire transaction.
- Transactions can be tagged as "Quote" and do not subtract from stock levels.
- Renting conflicts are flagged on entry or view status ahead.
- Onscreen buttons, or keyboard scripted shortcuts, aid in data entry.
- Set data entry popup lists to your liking.
- No limit on the number of line items per transaction.
- Expanded view shows more transaction line items.
- Click, or keyboard command, to enter full payment.
- Unlimited number of partial payments.
- Several quick-entry buttons that can be customized.
- Entry of staff making transaction.
- Fields for delivery information.

- Quick daily report printing for cash-out.
- Sales Summaries by any date range.

- Report by category, turn over.

- Password protected for various levels of user interaction - basic data entry, manager, and developer.
- Inexpensive: we have kept it simple, so you're not buying features and complexity you don't need or want. At the same time, we've covered the basics.
- Investment protection: FileMaker, Inc., maker of  FileMaker Pro, is a strong player in the computer software
 market. The company is a leader in database software for workgroup and enterprise computing, across all computing platforms.
- Automated maintenance: delete old transactions while retaining rental data for return on investment calculation.