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Rental - Methods of Use  

Rental is a database and can be accessed in several ways, with Macintosh or Windows operating system. In a nutshell …


FileMaker Pro, or FileMaker Server, are used to operate the Rental database. Here’s three scenarios:


Single user


Just like Excel is needed to open an Excel spreadsheet, FileMaker Pro is needed to open the Rental database. Open Rental on a single computer and work away. (A standalone “runtime” is available, but lacks customization and sharing features.)


Sharing with FileMaker Pro


FileMaker Pro “Sharing” can be turned on and up to five computers with a copy of FileMaker Pro, or FileMaker Go for iPad, can view and edit information, simultaneously, across an office network or over the Internet.


Sharing with FileMaker Server


FileMaker Server is used to share databases in multiple ways, on an office network or over the Internet. For Rental, the sharing options are:


1. Using unique versions of FileMaker Pro to log in to the database.


2. Using FileMaker Go or a web browser (WebDirect) with purchase of FileMaker Server “connections”. 


In a typical scenario, FileMaker Pro might be used at point of sale and in the stockroom, to assure speedy access and all functionality. WebDirect or an iPad/iPhone could be used on the road or by less frequent users, like management, to check orders. 


FileMaker Server also has special features, like automated backup, to administer the database.


(FileMaker for Android is available using WebDirect and a browser.)