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We use Rental for equipment inventory and tracking of more than 1,700 pieces of Cinema, Journalism and Communication Studies video, ENG and film production equipment which are constantly being checked both out and in, daily.  IT IS FANTASTIC!!!  (R. Burns, '13)

We love how the program works so far, it's perfect for us!  (Alicia, '13)

We've been getting along famously with the Rentals DB.. customized it quite a bit and it's
humming along nicely.  (Jeffrey M, '13)

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Our products are FileMaker Pro® pre-configured database "solutions". They can be used as-is, or customized to suit your way of doing business.



Do you need to efficiently keep track of items (audio-visual equipment, tools, costumes, books, DVD's)? Rental can do that. It lets you know the status of those items - are they available; when are they due back; who has them.

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Sales & Inventory

Point of Sale data entry and inventory tracking. Can be used for retail, wholesale, and consignment sales. Easy to get around in and learn; expandable to do business your way.

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