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Barcodes and FileMaker Pro

FileMaker Pro, and consequently Ram Design solutions, can be used in conjunction with various barcodes and scanners. Using a barcode scanner is similar to using your computer's keyboard. The barcode scanner is simply another device to get numbers and letters into the computer. Scan the barcode and the numbers and letters of the code appear on screen. Scanners can be programmed to then enter one or more tabs or carriage returns, which is useful for tabbing through fields in the database.

Some bar codes can use a simple font for printing. For example, there are versions of the "Code 39" barcode font which are publicly available, and install on your computer like other fonts. Other barcodes, however, need some sort of translation software. Like printing anything, decisions also have to be made about font size and placement on paper or labels.

Ram Design's Sales and Inventory and Rental solutions have layouts to print inventory codes on 5160 labels (2.5 X 1), using the Code 39 barcode font.

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